Classes (meet during the school day)

Concert Band

Performance based band class. Students will study varying repertoire written for woodwinds, brass & percussion. Students will travel to play an adjudicated performance at least once per school year, and give 2-3 concerts per year at the school. Previous experience on a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument required.

Wind Ensemble

Advanced performance based band class. Students will study performance music at a high level and be expected to practice 3-4 hours per week outside of class. This group is audition based and requires a band director recommendation for placement. Students will travel to at least one adjudicated performance and give 3-4 concerts per year at school.


Performance based strings class. Students will study varying repertoire in both a full group and chamber group setting. Students will give 3-4 concerts per year. Previous experience playing a string instrument strongly suggested


Extracurricular Activities (practices and performs outside of school day)

Marching Band

Our most popular and well-known ensemble. The award-winning HHS Marching Band performs at all football home games and competes in regional marching band competitions against other schools in the Southeast region. Rehearsals start two weeks before school starts in July and continue through the end of October (after school 3X/week). The marching band is responsible for keeping the energy up at football games on Friday nights, and bringing home the trophies on Saturdays! Leadership opportunities are available to upperclassmen, and long-lasting friendships are formed in this group.

Burro Jazz

 Jazz Band meets once a week after school and plays everything from the earliest styles of jazz to American jazz music including swing, bebop, funk, and more funk! This group performs at the biannual instrumental music concert, as well as extra gigs and performances that pop up throughout the school year. 

Pit Orchestra

The pit orchestra (which includes orchestra & band members) provides the music for the annual musical at Hillsboro HS. The vocalists sing along to the music produced by the pit orchestra. Auditions are at the end of 1st semester, and rehearsals run Jan-March.

Basketball Pep Band

This up-beat group performs at some home basketball games and brings the excitement to the HHS Basketball arena! 100% of the games that the pep band has played at have been VICTORIES for the HHS mens & women’s BBALL teams!



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